We have a selection of 16 pedigree proven Boer and high-percentage Boer does (2-3 years) and doelings (3-11 months) for sale, from a wide variety of UK bloodlines including Topknot and champion Beech Hay.

All will be registered with the BBGS. Proven, unrelated bucks also available. Please message us for more information and photos—does with kids at foot will be available from next month.

We operate as a closed herd and have done so since 2014, with the exception of buying in bucks from accredited herds. Our stock are selected for commercial viability and are expected to thrive on a forage based diet, with supplementary hard feed only being given at key times.

Based in Dorset. See our website for more information on our herd: www.himmonboergoats.co.uk

Charlotte Riggs
Phone: 07860231787
Email: charlotte@himmonboergoats.co.uk