We have available a choice of six purebred buck kids and bucklings. All are very gentle and extremely eager to work!

Herd is tested negative for Johnes (Level 2 accredited) and CAE.

Four of the boys have a chance of carrying the red Boer gene from their Grandsire, who won shows including the Royal Three Counties and Royal Welsh.

These boys have been reared on a forage based diet, and have been on straw-only (with minerals) over winter. We’ve finally managed to get them out in the field for some fresh grass and exercise over the last few days, which they’ve been very happy about!

The boys are sired by Topknot Quattro, Terraweena-UK Dickens, and Himmon Aztec, out of homebred Himmon does.

Always happy for people to come on out and have a look around, with no pressure to buy. Extra information and photos can be provided on request.

4-5 month old traditional, coloured, and red buck kids also available, which will be advertised soon. Reservations are being taken for Easter-born traditional, coloured, and red buck kids available from July/August.

Herd website: www.himmonboergoats.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Social media: https://m.facebook.com/himmonboergoats/

Phone: 07860 231787 / 07974 193330