Officers and Trustees

Please be aware the Grassroots Officer is always reachable via email but only reachable by phone Monday – Saturday. Feel free to leave a message if you miss them, or email when outside sociable hours. Office will be closed on Sundays.


J Jenkins
01280 817294

Vice Chair

G Liddle
00 353 851459028



Grassroots Officer and Memberships

Trustee Members

J Jenkins
01280 817294

Hayley Pegram
07415 883360

G Liddle
00 353 851459028

J Nicholson
0858 767610

T Thomas
01233 771934

Charlotte Riggs
07860 231787

Phillip Knapp
07946 136130

Ian Johnson
07918 680901

Vicky Spicer
07871 997262

Nicola Knott
01449 737951

João Guimarães
East Sussex

Aims Of The Committee

The Trustees’s Aims for 2019 – 20


  • To promote the development of the Boer Goat
  • To develop and support training and learning opportunities for members.
  • To produce magazines about the BBGS and its members for the members.
  • To support a selection of shows around the country to promote the Boer Goat



Updated 11/01/20 ms

Goat Health


As with all with all livestock there is inevitably going to be sickness and disease, good husbandry, good observation, vaccinations, and health schemes, can minimise the effects and increase the avoidance of some of these diseases . There are Articles within this website to assist in detection and avoidance. Contained in some of these Articles you will find the do’s and don’ts of buying goats, along with the importance of checking the health of any potential purchases, and how the quarantining of new additions to your herd can be of benefit. Your local Vet should be able to test for anything you feel uneasy about.  Please see here for further information.

Here are some articles that may help you:

SAC Johne’s Disease



Imports & Exports

Are you thinking of Importing or Exporting live animals or semen/embryos?

The uncertainty of Brexit even affects Boer Goats, or should we say the Export and Import of Boer Goats. The BBGS have been working closely with Zootechnical department and DEFRA  in order that there may be as little disruption as possible, to the status quo. Further help can be found on the .Gov website. You can find further information through Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) or contact them through:

[email protected] or

call on 0300 200 301.

There is a key to breeders’ preferences on the Members Directory to help you find what your looking for. This includes members with Export status, see below for the Key.

H – Hobby   B – Breed Pedigree Boers   M – Breed and sell meat   G – Genetic material   E – have export status (though this might depend on country exporting to).