Update 21/02/21:

BBGS AGM Zoom Meeting 14 March 2021 11.00am.
Please see the Mailchimp notice for further details thank you

Due to the continuing COVID pandemic the annual BBGS AGM has been moved to a Zoom meeting the date will be confirmed by the BBGS in the near future.

To assist members wishing to attend the BBGS Zoom AGM meeting please see the below YouTube links to help you in accessing Zoom.

A BBGS MailChimp letter with instructions was circulated to members.



The Zoom link for the meeting will be supplied only to members who wish to attend the Zoom meeting please do not share this link with anyone else as it is unique to BBGS members only.

It is the responsibility of the individual member to ensure that they are correctly set up to access the Zoom meeting.

The BBGS is unable to provide technical assistance.