Dr. Fred C. Homeyer is a retired Professor of Computer Science from Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. He owns and operates Antelope Creek Ranch in Robert Lee, Texas where he raises 1,500 head of South African Boer goats. He has been active in the Boer goat industry for 20 years and served two terms as the Director at Large in the American Boer Goat Association.

Goat health, nutrition and maintenance are keen interests and he continues to study the techniques of liner measurement, prediction and extrapolation of physical traits in Boer goats.

Dr. Homeyer is internationally recognized for his expertise and knowledge of Boer goats. He has travelled around the world presenting seminars, farm tours and herd evaluations as well as judging shows. He has written articles that have been published worldwide, given over 100 seminars on goats and goat raising and has judged over 16,000 animals in 130 shows internationally.

Dr. Homeyer holds Boer Goat judging certifications from American Boer Goat Association, United States Boer Goat Association, International Boer Goat Association and ABCBoer (Brazilian Boer Goat Association).

He has met many of the famous South African Boer goat breeders while attending two World Championships in South Africa. He has travelled to South Africa twice, to Brazil nine times and to Australia six times in his quest to observe the best Boer goats in the world.

Dr. Homeyer is the only American to have judged Boer goats in Australia (Queensland Royal Show in Brisbane, Australia in 2006 and 2008) and is the only American to have presented educational programs about Boer goats with a South African Boer goat breeder. In 2009 he gave a Breeders Workshop and Level I South African Judging School in Australia with the South African who judged the Sydney Royal Easter Show (Australian National Boer Goat Show).