Advertising an animal.

The maximum size is 128MB. A safe Pixel size is 450 x 602 pixels. No bigger than 800 pixels. If you having trouble with the size, edit the picture, select the resize option and type in new sizes. Easily done on applications such as Paint.

When you complete the advertisement form ensure you click YES to the question:

Do you also wish for this advert to be posted on the Sell My Livestock website?


Go to the For Sale page, at the bottom you will see the application form. Complete fully and submit to the website, once approved it will be published live.


You can find out how to use the Grasstroots App HERE

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Please see the Online Registration Instructions. You will also find this on the Grassroots page, a step by step guide to grassroots. 

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Whether you are paying for animal registrations or transfers you can pay via;

  • BACS (Sort code: 20-45-45, Account number: 43601897 with your membership number as a reference)
  • By Paypal at [email protected]


  • By cheque made out to:

BBGS and sent to

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There are two ways to find grassroots.

First- hover over the Membership tab, in the dropdown menu you will see a link for Grassroots.

Second- When you log in to the Members Area it will be in your Members Hub.

On the grassroots page you will see a blue Grassroots button, click this. It will take you to the Grassroots Login area.

Use your membership number and password to log in.

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You can renew your membership due 1st April annually through the online membership form on the Join Us page at the bottom. Please do not forget to fill in your membership number. Followed by your payment.

Alternatively download the membership form complete in full and return to [email protected] or post to –

Membership will not be processed until payment has been received in full.

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You can find an online application form on the Join Us page at the bottom. Fully complete the form and submit shortly followed by payment to the society. The Registration and Grassroots officer will process your application and you will receive a Welcome pack.

Alternatively download the application form from the website, complete and return to [email protected] or post to –

All forms are found on the Join Us page.

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Online Membership Account

Click on The settings cog:

This will display the categories you can edit:

Whatever categories you fill in the, public can you to find you by when using the Members Directory. Click Update profile to complete. The cog has now turned in to a tick symbol, if that is still visible click it to save. If it is a cog again after clicking update profile, don’t worry you know your profile has been saved automatically.

Example: Selected region – Wales.    Refined Members Directory search to display Wales region only you will appear in that search.

Go to Join Us page. At bottom right you will see

‘Already a member? Join us online!’

Fully complete the form and submit. Once approved you will have access to the Members Hub.

This is a separate to Grassroots and is not needed for Grassroots login.

Payment options

You can either log in to your own PayPal account and make a payment there or on the Grassroots page use the paypal link.

There is a drop down box allowing you to select what you would like to pay for with a pre populated amount. Select and click ‘buy now’ which will take you through to complete you PayPal payment.

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Where are they?

You will find Grassroots in the dropdown menu of ‘Membership’. Alternatively you will find it in your Members Hub.

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Forms for animal registration, transfer and service are all found at the bottom of the website on the footer. This means it will be at the bottom of every page.

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