Dear Members

It has been brought to the attention of the BBGS Trustees that the term ‘Fullblood’ is being increasingly used in the UK. This term is already used widely in other parts of the World and is a recognised description of some Boer Goats by some breeders.

It is not currently a BBGS officially recognised description.

In 2016, at a BBGS EGM, a Proposal was made by a Member to include the word Fullblood on BBGS Registration Certificates. The Proposal was defeated by 16 votes to 9 votes.

A Fullblood Boer goat, it is generally accepted, is descended (on both sire and dam sides) from Boer goats that can be traced directly (unbroken) back to South African Boer goats.

It is not possible to breed up to Fullblood as both the dams and sires pedigree must be traceable in unbroken lines, directly back to South African stock.

It is not an indication of superior genetics or standard, but purely a method of indicating genetic origin.

It is a truism that beauty, or correctness and adherence to the Breed Standard in the case of livestock, is in the eye of the beholder.

The Trustees would urge members to make themselves fully conversant with the BBGS Breed Standard especially when considering making a purchase.

It is not within the remit of the BBGS to ban the use of the term, for example if Members use the term in adverts or correspondence.

However if it is used in an advertisement the vendor must be able to prove the veracity of the claim.

A potential purchaser is within their rights to ask for proof in the same way that proof of Health Status should be checked.

The BBGS is interested in hearing what Members take the term of Fullblood to mean and what importance they would attach to the description.

Is it a term that Members think should be officially adopted or not with their reasons for either stance.

The Trustees look forward to members input. Please email [email protected] with any points or queries you may have and these will be discussed by the Trustees and replied to.