In readiness for getting the new ‘Grassroots Online’ operational, we are going to need to close the existing ‘Grassroots Pedeweb’ down for a day whilst we move everything across to a new server.

This will happen on Wednesday 9th September 2020

At 7.00am that morning (UK time), we will stop you and your members being able to log into Pedeweb.

At 8.00am we will begin the transfer – that will give anyone already logged on prior to 7.00am enough time to complete what they are doing.

We aim to have the transfer of information across to the new server by lunchtime that day.

The final step/timing of transferring the domain name across to the new server is out of our hands, but hopefully will happen fairly quickly.

There will be no changes to the way Pedeweb is accessed or works, and any existing links you have on your website should still work .

We will put a message up on the site to explain that the site is closed for essential maintenance.

You might want to put something on your own websites and news letters to say :

The Online Registry will be closed for a period for essential maintenance on Wednesday 9th September.

We will notify you on the day, as soon as the new server is up and running.

Thank you for your patience whilst this happens.

Margaret Hargreaves