We are very sadly selling the wonderful Hornets Filippo, we bought him last year for our ladies & he has been perfect.
He came from the well known Hornets herd & both his sire, Beech-Hay Junglebuck & Sheercliff Magic have won many prizes with Jo.
He is a kind & handsome chap, plenty of length & lovely legs. He has done a superb job of upgrading our does & produced some great kids (which can be seen).
He currently runs full time with his does & has got everything in kid quickly, as I pop them out in batches for him.
He was born 31.12.2017 so still a young chap.
Filippo is a very smart buck that we have been happy to own but as we are retaining his kids, we have decided he needs to find a lovely new herd to work.
He is available immediately or we are happy for him to stay with us a bit longer but will need a deposit to secure him.
He is sensibly priced at £375 we will get a proper stood photo to show off his length hopefully very soon!