As members of the British Boer Goat Society we welcome you to your online members hub.
This is only available for paid up members.

Member’s Hub

The Members Hub is an additional benefit for members where they can find the forum, articles, discounts and access to the members directory.



To be visible on the directory you need to sign up and create your online account. This is a simple process, just go to the Join Us page and complete the form at the bottom of the page that says, ‘Already a member? Join us online.’ Once it is accepted you can edit your profile adding all the additional details needed to be found in all the refined searches you want. Add photos, advertise your goats, it’s your canvas.

The forum is there for members to ask questions, explore and learn from each other. You can find this in the Hub, under the membership tab. You can only access and contribute once you have created your online account as it is also BBGS members only. 

Member’s Logo

Promote yourself as a British Boer Goat Society member. Use the membership logo on you social media sites, websites or any platform you use to promote your boer goats. Download it here