All animals will need to be members of the SAC ACCREDITED CAE SCHEME

JUDGE: Gil Liddle, County Tipperary.
To be judged at 10.30am on Wednesday 21 July 2021.
PRIZE MONEY – 1st £15, 2nd £12, 3rd £8, 4th £5

ARRIVAL – May arrive from 12.00 and 20.00 on Tuesday 20 July and between 06.00 and 08.00 on Wednesday 21 July 2021.
DEPARTURE – Permitted after 17.00 on Thursday 22 July

This section is judged under the following regulations:
1)​All exhibitors to comply with DEFRA Rules. Exhibitors are reminded that movement of Goats
must be made under General Licence. Exhibitors who are unsure of the requirements are advised to contact their local Animal Health Division Office for further information.
2)​The Goat Classes are held under the rules, regulations and recognition of the BBGS. All exhibits must be registered with the BBGS as in the ownership and in the name of the exhibitor, the registered name and number being quoted on the entry form.
3)​The Society reserves the right, at their discretion, to amalgamate classes which have less than three entries.
4)​No pregnant goat may be admitted to the Showground. In the event of an unforeseen kidding or abortion, the goat must be immediately isolated from other goats. Full details of the goat, exhibitor and action taken must be reported in writing by the Chief Steward to the BBGS Secretary immediately after the Show.
5)​All animals must be under control and are responsibility of the exhibitor. Animals that are deemed not under control may be removed from the Show ring or Showground.

B1. Buck, pure bred, grade 0, over 2 years on day of the Show.
B2. ​Buckling, pure bred, grade 0, over 1 year, but less than 2 years on the day of Show.
B3​. Buck Kid, pure bred, grade 0, under 1 year old on day of Show.
B4​. Doe, pure bred, grade 0 over 2 years on day of Show: with or without her 2021 progeny at foot.
B5​. Doeling, pure bred, grade 0, over 1 year, but less than 2 years on the day of Show.
B6​. Doe Kid, pure bred, grade 0, under 1 year old on day of Show.
B7​. Carcass on the Hoof – open to any grade of Boer under 1 year on the day of the Show. Animal not to be entered in any previous classes.

BS1​. BEST RED GOAT – a Rosette for the best Red Boer in each class.
BS2​. CHAMPION FEMALE – TCAS Rosettes for Champion and Reserve
BS3​. CHAMPION MALE – TCAS Rosettes for Champion and Reserve
BS4​. SUPREME CHAMPION – BBGS Sash to the Champion and Reserve Champion Boer. TCAS Rosettes for Supreme Champion and Reserve.

Informal Classes, to be held on Thursday 22 July. For further information and entry details please contact the BBGS, [email protected]

1)​Junior Handler – 2 sections, 12yrs & under and 16yrs & under
2)​Best matched pair any age, male or female.
3)​Best three kids by a single buck – All animals to be under one year on the day of the Show and to be sired by the same buck.
4)​Doe with kid/kids at foot – Doe of any age to be shown whilst still with kids at-foot.
5)​Best red goat any age.
6)​Best Commercially Marked Boer Goat, any age. As described in Breed Standard as ‘C’ coloured.
7)​Best graded doe over one year (not Purebred)
8)​Progeny group (e.g. adult, buck/doeling and buck/doe kid)

ONLINE ENTRIES HERE/ click the link, register and follow steps.,1,7D00T3kACd8ZHkbbCVz-U8a8MGtl-Wbu5AI03VILQdnXK4yc55AOiE-PbmPpCryNDwRSBH9uomNzlwHT1OZpb8xVM9XEStqs6FoYC3v6C_c17DaHtcZHR6kuRwYy&typo=1