We have a selection of females available from our commercial meat goat herd, based in Pembrokeshire, South Wales

12 experienced adult does that have kidded one or two times – each 3 to 4 years old. We have kids, and in some cases grand-kids, from these girls so are looking to stir up the gene pool a little. Most of this group are Boer x Cashmere that have been bred for hardiness. Some are BBGS registered, but at a low grade of course.

I have a few (up to 6) ‘possibly pregnant’ girls offered. They will be scanned shortly so will only be available if pregnant. They have been served by a new buck to us that has an impressive pedigree. I have seen doe kids from him that looked like good strong young girls. If pregnant, they will be due to kid in February, so I would be looking to move them on by early January to avoid late term stress.

If you only wanted young doelings (young girls that have not had kids) I have a small number I would consider moving on.

All goats are up to date with preventive vaccinations (Lambivac every 6 months) and are in good general health. We do not run health status schemes.

All other than the Cashmere crosses were bred by us to a registered Boer Buck so can be registered with the British Boer Goat Society. If you wanted the goats registered and transferred to your name, there would be an additional fee involved.

Please contact me for details, stating your preference from the options above.

Phone: 07857480029
Email: info@churchhillbilly.com