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Buyer Beware

‘BUYER BEWARE’ – it is the purchasers responsibility to make themselves aware of all requirements prior to purchase.

Please see below the information needed that the BBGS advise to buyers PRIOR to purchasing boer goats, hopefully this will help towards assisting purchasers with this.

Please read the BBGS Rules which are available on the BBGS Website.

PRIOR TO PURCHASE check the following:

  • Is the owner of the goats a current paid up BBGS Member, see proof.
  • Only a current BBGS Member can transfer ownership of a goat, see proof.
  • Only a current BBGS Member and breeder of a goat can register it, see proof.
  • Ask to see registration cards.
  • Check and photograph the ear tags of the goats that you think you are purchasing to avoid any ‘surprises’ on collection or delivery.
  • Check these tag numbers numbers against your receipt and also the ARAMS Movement Licence.
  • Check that the goats have the correct ear tags. It is illegal to transport goats with no ear tags.
  • Do not accept ‘the tags will be in the post’….
  • Only goats that are within the confines of the BBGS Breed Standard are eligible for registration.
  • Ask to see up to date paperwork for any Health Schemes claimed to be part of.
  • If purchasing in-kid does ask to see a scanning certificate or scanning results.
  • If purchasing in-kid does you will need to be supplied with a covering certificate otherwise the kids will not be eligible for registration.
  • If you hire a Buck you will need to have a covering certificate from the Buck’s owner otherwise the kids will not be eligible for registration.
  • Non CAE Accreditation of goats can affect the opportunity to show goats at very many goat shows.