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Please be advised that the BBGS office will be shut for the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holidays Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June 2022, the office will be open, as usual, Monday 6th June 2022.

We hope that you enjoy whatever you have planned for this Jubilee.

BBGS Secretary
Trustees of the British Boer Goat Society


Please remember annual membership subscriptions due
1st APRIL 2022

Royal Welsh Smallholding & Countryside Festival

Exhibitors can now enter online for the 2022 Royal Welsh Smallholding & Countryside Festival, 21-22nd May.
All entries are to be made online

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Contact the trustees, secretary and registrations officer.

REGISTRATION FEES DUE: £25 Males, £9 Females up to the age of 12 months.
Animals over 12 months, fee is double. Birth Notification is Free.

TRANSFER FEES DUE: £4 per goat or £6 per goat if more than 4 weeks after date of sale

Membership Types
(membership year runs from April 1st to March 31st the following year)

Annual Membership
(plus £5 for members in Ireland)

Full Member – £25 per year
For registering, goat-owning members. Membership may be in a family or business name, but only entitles the named member to vote and receive the newsletter and e-news.

Joint Member – £35 per year
This covers Family and Partnerships. Membership includes all members of a family and/or a Goat Farming partnership. There will be a limit of two votes to be held by members nominated at the time of application for membership.

Two newsletters will be supplied to one mailing address, but e-news can be sent to up to two email addresses.

Associate member – £15 per year
For Friends of the BBGS. This is open to non-goat-owning members who wish to receive the newsletters and e-news. This category of membership does not receive any voting rights.

Youth membership – £10 per year
For a junior who has not attained the age of 18 years on the 1st January in the year of Membership. These members do not have a vote, but receive all newsletter, and e-news and may have up to 8 goats registered in their name.

Overseas Membership – £30 per year
This is for members living outside the UK and Ireland who wish to receive BBGS newsletters and e-news. Members in this category will not be able to register goats in the BBGS herdbook, nor will they have any voting rights.

Life Membership – £375.00 (15x annual membership fee)
Full Membership for the life time of the nominated member. This can only be one member and is not transferable between family or other members.

Honorary Life Membership
This category of membership can be bestowed by a serving committee/trustees on a member or non-member of the BBGS for services to the BBGS or life time achievement or any other criteria that the trustees deem suitable. This category of membership does not have any voting rights, but does receive newsletters and e-news.

Re-joining Fee – £25
For all membership types if Membership Lapses.

Registration of a Herd Prefix – £15
Herd Prefix to be one word of a maximum of 12 letters, hyphens may be used in certain circumstances. Membership secretary will check availability of the prefix prior to its registration being completed.

Shows and Events

Royal Three Counties Show 2022 Results

Buck class 1st- JJ Camoys Canarous/Mr J Guimaraes Buckling 1st-Hornets Iago/ Jo and Alan Jenkins2nd-Hornets Ignacio/ Jo and Alan Jenkins3rd-Dalbury Heathen/ Ian Johnson Buck Kid 1st-Robin Folly...

Staffordshire County Show Results

1st and 2nd June 2022 Doe kid class1st- Hillside Boer Emerald/ Richards2nd- JJ Camoys Extramundane/ JJ Camoys3rd- Hillside Boer Enid/ Richards4th-JJ Camoys Eyecandy/ JJ Camoys5th- Sifelly Sprite/...

Royal Wales Spring Festival – Show Results

21 & 22 May 2022 Buck class - 1st place - JJ Camoys Canorous Buckling class - 1st - Hornets Iago 2nd - Dalbury Heathen 3rd - JJ Camoys Daemon Buck kid class - 1st- Hillside Boer Edward 2nd -...

Hanbury Countryside Show 2022 Schedule

Hanbury Countryside show2nd July 2022Schedule and online entries now available!Closing date 16th June 2022 https://www.hanburyshow.co.uk/schedules

Hanbury Countryside Show 2022

2nd July 2022 More details to followhttps://www.hanburyshow.co.uk/

Royal Three Counties Show 2022

17th to 19th June 2022 More details to follow https://www.royalthreecounties.co.uk/

Staffordshire County Show 2022

1st and 2nd June 2022 More details to followhttps://www.staffscountyshowground.co.uk/

Royal Welsh Spring Smallholding and Countryside Festival

21 & 22 May 2022 More details to followhttps://rwas.wales/smallholding-and-countryside-festival/ Exhibitors can now enter online for the 2022 Royal Welsh Smallholding & Countryside Festival,...

Hanbury Show Results 2019

FEMALE CHAMPION - Mrs Jo Jenkins, Hornets Gilder RESERVE - Mrs Jo Jenkins, Hornets Federica MALE CHAMPION - Jan-Ernst Montagne, Morley Edwin RESERVE - Jan-Ernst Montagne, Morley Frank SUPREME...

Ossory Show Results 2019

GOAT CLASSES Class 117         Any Male Boer Goat  over 2yrs of age on day of the show. 1st Gil Liddle  , Templetouhy. Class 118        Any Female Boer Goat over 2yrs of age on day of show and must...

RWAS Show Results 2019

Saturday Results Sunday Results [pdf-embedder...

For Sale

100% Boer Buck for sale – Born 2020

We're selling our pedigree registered Billy, 100% proven, evidence of his kids can be shown if needed. Super friendly and does his job like he's...

100% Purebred British Boer Buck for sale

100% Purebred British Boer Buck for sale4yrs old100% proven. Photos/video of him and his offspring available on request.Very friendly.Australian...

For Sale – Pure 2021 Doelings & Nannies with 2022 kids at foot.

35 fully Registered Pure Bred 2021 Doelings available.Sired by Hornets Granite and out of Mildene, Beaufort, Beaudesert bloodline does that are...

Radmore Boer Goats for Sale

We have 2 pure bred 8 month old bucklings and 1 doeling for sale. All are registered, vaccinated with lambivac and keen to work. CAE initial blood...