Why Join us?

We have a range of support and benefits for our members. We are working towards expanding members education and understanding of the animals and animal husbandry. Through this we can keep improving the breed. We cannot forget that many of our members keep Boers for many purposes, from hobby breeder to commercial enterprises, and so we try and support all aspects of breeding.

We have exclusive offers and discount from businesses for our members, forums for our members to chat but more importantly support from each other. When our members log in to the members’ area they can then access their grassroots account, where they can manage their herd. If they do not wish to download and print the forms to return via post, they can simply use grassroots to complete animal transfers, registrations and other animal management.

When you become a member, depending on your membership you will receive magazines throughout the year.

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Membership types

What Membership suits you?

Full Membership

For registering, goat-owning members. Membership may be in a family or business name but only entitles the named member to vote and receive the newsletter and e-news.

Annual Membership: £25*

Youth Membership

For a junior who has not attained the age of 18 years on 1st January in the year of Membership. These members do not have a vote but receive all newsletters and e-news and may have up to 8 goats registered in their name.

Annual Membership: £10*

Joint Membership

This covers Family and Partnerships. Membership includes all members of a family and / or a Goat Farming Partnership. There will be a limit of two votes to be held by members nominated at the time of the application for membership. Two newsletters will be supplied to one mailing address, but e-news can be sent to up to two email addresses.

Annual Membership: £35*

Life Membership

Full membership for the life time of the nominated member. This can only be one member and is not transferable between family or other members.

One-Off Membership: £375.00 (15 x annual membership fee)

Associate Membership

For Friends of the BBGS. This is open to non-goat owning members who wish to receive the newsletters and e-news, but this category of membership does not receive any voting rights.

Annual Membership: £15**

Honorary life Membership

This category of membership can be bestowed by a serving committee / trustees on a member or non-member of the BBGS for services to the BBGS or life time achievement or any other criteria that the trustees deem suitable. This category of membership does not have any voting right but does receive newsletters and e-news.

Annual Membership: N/A

*£5 should be added to membership for anyone joining from Eire or Overseas to help cover postage out of the UK.

**Applications for Associate Membership from Overseas Members are welcome. Please note we will be unable to accept registration of stock born outside the UK/Eire. There will also be no voting rights for this category of membership.

Become a member

Either download the form HERE and email to registrations@thebritishboergoatsociety.co.uk or post to –
Nicola Knott
Hill House Farm
Top Road,
Bury St Edmunds,
IP30 0SJ

Or fill out the online form below.  


Once payment has been received by us, we will send you a welcome pack, membership and grassroots login details.

Payment by the following methods:

  • BACS (sort code:  20-45-45, account: 43601897)
  • Cheque made payable to BBGS
  • Paypal




Online membership form

Other Forms

Download our Animal Registration Form

Download our Animal Transfer Form

Download our Service Certificate

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This is for current members to join us online, not for grassroots login. You can find a grassroots link on the homepage or in the Members Hub once you join us online.